Upper Sandusky Municipal Court

Judge James M. Ruhlen
Jane Frey, Clerk

**There will be NO jury duty on Thursday, May 2, 2024 at 9:00 am. Your service as Municipal Court juror has concluded**


This Court offers a service known as trusteeships. The purpose of the law which makes this arrangement possible, is to give you an opportunity to pay your obligations in an orderly and creditable manner in line with your income and without fear of garnishment proceedings or harassment.

Application must be made and approved by the Judge. An application may be picked up at this office during regular business hours. It costs $25.00 to file your trusteeship. If you complete your trusteeship, meaning you pay your creditors in full, your $25.00 will be returned to you.

The Court takes out 25% of disposable income every pay period. Payments MUST be made every payday. And every payment must be accompanied with your pay stub. For your convenience, payments may be mailed to the Court with a copy of your pay stub.

For a complete guideline on filing for trusteeship, please visit our office.