Upper Sandusky Municipal Court

Judge James M. Ruhlen
Jane Frey, Clerk

**There will be jury duty on Thursday, August 8, 2024 at 9:00 am. Please check back for any updates**

Jury Information

As a juror, you have the opportunity to participate in the legal process. You are summoned from a list of registered voters in Wyandot County. To serve as a juror you must be 18 years of age or older, a U.S. citizen, living in Wyandot County and be able to read, hear and speak the English language.

Frequently Asked Questions

Must I really serve?
The short answer is yes. Trial by jury is one of the most important rights, which Americans enjoy and is unique to our system of justice. Trial by jury is guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States and the State of Ohio. To be called upon to serve as a juror, is one of the most important civic duties you may ever perform. If you do not report for jury duty you may be brought before the Court for contempt proceedings. If circumstances arise that prevent you from serving, you must call the Court at (419) 294-3800 and speak with the Clerk of Court.
What about my job?
Your employer cannot fire or otherwise penalize you for performing jury duty. Some employers compensate their employees for the time they are gone for jury duty. Contact your employer to find out your company's policy. The Court will give you a work excuse when you leave.
What should I wear for jury service?
Wear comfortable clothing, but please use good judgment. "Dressy casual" is appropriate.
Will I be compensated?
Each juror that appears, whether you are selected to serve or not, will be paid $20.00 cash before you are dismissed.
Where do I report for jury duty?
Jurors should report to the Municipal Building, 119 N. Seventh St., Upper Sandusky, OH (Not at the County Courthouse). Please report by 9:00 am and use the front entrance as someone will be there to greet you and direct you to the appropriate location to wait until called for trial.
How long will I be there?
Generally, cases last one day but the possibility exists for a trial to last in to the next day.If you are chosen to sit as a juror, the Court will take a recess so that you may make any phone calls necessary to let employers, spouses, babysitters, etc. know that you will be serving as a juror. Once you appear for jury duty, whether you are chosen or not, that concludes your time as a prospective Municipal Court juror.
How do I know when I need to report?
On our home page of this website there is a jury status message. This will be updated daily as needed. Also, you may call (419) 294-3354 after 6:00 pm for a recorded message advising you as to the status of the trial scheduled for that week. If you have any questions, please call (419) 294-3800 and to speak with the Clerk of Court.
What types of cases are tried in the Upper Sandusky Municipal Court?
Civil Cases
Civil cases are limited to $15,000.00. These cases involve a dispute over money or property. The person who filed the suit is the plaintiff and the person who is being sued is the defendant. There may be attorney's involved and there may not. A panel of eight jurors and one alternate are selected to serve. A verdict in a civil trial requires 6 of the 8 jurors to reach the same verdict.
Criminal/Traffic Cases
A person who has been charged with a crime is known as the defendant. The plaintiff in a criminal case is either the State of Ohio, the Village of Carey, the Village of Sycamore or the City of Upper Sandusky. In this court, such cases as Domestic Violence, Criminal Trespass and Operating A Motor Vehicle Under Influence are heard. All eight jurors must reach the same verdict.