Upper Sandusky Municipal Court

Judge James M. Ruhlen
Jane Frey, Clerk

**There will be NO jury duty on Thursday, May 2, 2024 at 9:00 am. Your service as Municipal Court juror has concluded**

Small Claims Division

The following information provided about small claims is not intended as legal advice. The information is merely provided to help you understand the small claims process. If you have any legal questions, you should contact an attorney.

Small claims court is for the recovery of money up to $6,000.00; not the return of property. The purpose of this division is to help individuals recover small amounts of money quickly and relatively inexpensively and without having to hire an attorney.

Filing a Complaint

A case begins with a complaint. You must appear in person at the Clerk's office to file your complaint. The forms are provided by the Court but you must bring the following information with you:

  1. Itemized copies (one for the Court and one for each defendant) of the account, estimate of damages and/or copies of the contract. All claims under this division to include only simple interest at the current legal rate from the date of last payment.
  2. You must provide complete name and mailing address of defendant(s), because defendant(s) is/are served by certified mail.
  3. Be prepared to pay filing fee - one defendant is $70.00 and two defendant's will be $75.00 which will be awarded upon judgment.

Upon filing your complaint, a trial date will be assigned for the fourth Wednesday from filing of the claim, inclusive, at 1:00 PM and the case will be heard on that date. Your appearance is required. Be prepared to proceed with trial on date assigned by bringing all evidence or witnesses with you to prove your case.

If your defendant contacts you before the hearing date and wishes to pay the claim, you may accept the payment. Remember to also collect your court costs which you paid at time of filing. Once you have been paid in full, you must come to the Court and sign a paper that the account has been settled to your satisfaction.

Once you have received judgment, either by trial or by default, you may then proceed to collect that judgment. You can garnish the defendant's wages, attach a bank account in the defendant's name or execute on property, car, truck or other personal property.

Small Claims Court Costs

Small Claims Filing
  ** 1 Defendant $70.00
  ** 2 Defendants $75.00
Counterclaim with Certified Mail
  ** 1 Defendant $20.00
  ** 2 Defendants $25.00
Amended Complaint $25.00
Debtor's Examination $20.00
Out of County Bailiff or Sheriff Service $30.00
Show Cause - Certified Mail $20.00
Bench Warrant $20.00
Appeal $150.00